Children's Day

Riding school "Equus" invites you to sensitively and especially acquaintance with the most magnificent horses. These animals spreads beauty, freedom, harmony and faithfulness. The horse can teach human not only of devotion and trust, but also respect. At the time of these activities, children become familiar with horses, ponies and finds new friends. During the lessons will learn to comb, look after and saddle horses and a pony. Children also learn to deal with pony and rid. After a wonderful acquaintance children having lunch, sharing impressions and playing games. During the training, all the time with children are experienced coaches. Getting started with horses and ponies will be a memorable and enjoyable experience.

Advance registration is required. Duration: 3-4 hour.

Clothing: shoes with non-slip soles, comfortable, non-slip material pants.

Price - 20 €

Riding Tour

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